Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guest Post: Kristy Wedge Cambron on Post Your Passion

So when I asked for some tips on social media from a few fellow authors, Kristy Wedge Cambron gave me so many good tips on her facebook posting guidelines I decided this was due its own post. Enjoy, I think these are truly gems!-Julia

 I do have some FB posting guidelines that if I were writing a blog post on the subject, I would be sure to share:

1) POST YOUR PASSION - Find that one thing that drives your FB page, your posts, your pictures - find what it is and do not hesitate to post about it. I adore Jane Austen. I love all things Paris. I have a soft spot for classic movies. All of these things make their way on to my blog and my FB Author Page. But the one thing that I have true passion for - the post that I will never be ashamed to share - is one that glorifies Jesus Christ. Post your passion.

2) STAY CONSISTENT - This isn't referring to frequency of posts, though I do believe it's important. But the real focus of consistency is to stay true to your brand. I write "Vintage Romance with a Heart for Christ". That tells the story of my author brand and I try to stick to it. That means that I post pictures of romantic Paris, classic literature quotes, scripture verses, pictures of vintage weddings, links to wedding blogs in the UK... anything that ties in with my brand will help readers to know what to expect when they come to my FB page/blog, and they'll come back because of it.

3) DO NOT ALIENATE YOUR READERS - To use a recent example in our country - I do not write for Republicans or Democrats. I write for Jesus. That means that despite my own personal views, I have readers that may have an opposite opinion. I try to remember that when I post. I won't reach anyone for Christ if I am driving away readers with non-writing, non-author, non-Christian posts. (But remember my POST FOR PASSION example - I will post Biblical, Jesus-focused posts, without shame.)

4) IT'S ALL ABOUT STRATEGY - What's hot right now and fits in with my personal brand? Downton Abbey is an excellent example. When I post a link for something specific that has a lot of attention on it - such as Downton Abbey - I follow that up with a post that links to my recent blog post, for example, so it sits right next to it on my FB Author Page. Readers will see that. Take the posts you know will draw traffic and use it to your advantage.

5) REMEMBER YOUR ALTER-EGO - Even Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent had to remember the fact that they had dual personalities. I am constantly reminded that while I am a Christian author, I also have an alter-ego as a Learning Consultant in Corporate America. My employer is also active on Facebook and I keep the two personas in very separate camps because of it. My author page does not mention my employer. My leader and peers at the office do follow my FB Author page, but I keep in mind the fact that I always represent my employer (even when I do not profess to).

6) POSITIVITY REIGNS - I don't care how terrible my day was at the office or how frustrated I am when my cable provider has me on hold for an hour - I don't post about it. Readers come to FB for an escape, for entertainment, for connectivity... they don't jump onto social media excited to read a rant of negativity. As with our personal brand and as a professed follower of Jesus, I do not see a benefit in passing on more negativity. Now, posting prayer requests is completely different - that builds connectivity with others/readers. But blasting another religion, political party, even another football team (and I am a HUGE football fan) - I won't do it. If I represent Jesus (POST YOUR PASSION

To add a couple of extra things... I always make sure I support my peers. If another author is having a giveaway, I will post a link to it. If a publisher is asking for shares of a particular post, I will share it. Giving your readers links to free Kindle books, giveaways, even links to Downton Abbey Season 3 - these draw readers to your page. But supporting another author just because you want to get more attention on Christian Fiction as a whole? That builds genuine relationships in our author community. I support other authors because I want them to succeed too. Any book that glorifies Christ deserves a mention on my page. ; )ain), I won't represent negativity at the same time.

One more thing... When readers comment on your posts, DON'T LEAVE THEM HANGING! Ask questions, engage, be authentic with your readers and they will with you in return.

Kristy Wedge Cambron has a gorgeous blog here: http://paris-mom.blogspot.com/


Heather Day Gilbert said...

Love it all, Kristy! And you're so right--interaction with readers and genuine openness (on subjects you can be open about!) is key. I value every one of my readers (blog, FB or twitter) and love chatting with them every chance I get. I know you do, too!

Pepper said...

You are one of my new favorite people. I hope you've known this since ACFW. Your interests and mine? Whoa....
Only difference - you are MUCH cuter pregnant than I am.

I love your tips for social media. Wonderful and thoughtful. I also love how you incorporate your passions (which happen to be a few of mine too). And Positivity? Oh yeah! Respect and positivity go a LONG way

Unknown said...

This is a great post, Julia and Kristy! Thanks so much for sharing these tips. Posting my passion and positivity (sorry for the alliteration) resonated with me. Thanks! I'll definitely be re-reading this one. :)

Julia M. Reffner said...


No wonder you and Kristy are both so popular online, I know that you do value your interactions with each reader.


So not surprised you and Kristy hit it off. Both of you have a heart for ministry.


So glad it was helpful to you, Jeanne. I definitely thought it needed a full post.

Kristy Cambron said...

Julia - I must send you a special Thank You (and another sweet hug at next year's ACFW Conference) for this post. I *adore* the Alley Cats and can't believe I get to be part of the gang for a day!

Pepper - To the author after my own heart, I was overjoyed to get to spend time with you in Dallas this year. Austen, being a mom, writing for Jesus... We are forever soul sisters I do believe!Thanks for your sweet words.

Jeanne - Thanks for your kind words! Julia blessed me by asking my thoughts on this. I have to say that I've learned from the best on this subject - both from authors in the business and from my wonderful agent, Joyce Hart. I am so glad you stopped by today!

Heather - My dear friend and prayer partner! I think of you daily and am blessed by you more than you know. You have inspired me to be an authentic, personal voice with our readers. I love connecting with them and with the others authors that continue to uplift and support. Hugs to you!!

Julia M. Reffner said...


Waiting for that hug! The Alley Cats adore you, too! So blessed by your thoughts!

Unknown said...

Post your passion. I don't think anyone anywhere could've said it better. These are really solid tips that even experienced users can learn a lot from. In fact, I live in Arizona and the entirety of Phoenix social media could use tips like these. Love you Kristy!