Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Writing in the Flurry - NaNo and Not

I have a tendency to get more done when I have less time. Anyone else like that? When forced to produce something, then I am more effecient. Deadlines work for me – challenges work even better.
Of course, I think I've met my match over this past year and a half of being a published author. I'm almost dizzy with the responsibilities of family, work, and writing all combined to have their own deadlines...and many times they meet at the same TIME!
Are you guys feeling the sting? How many of you are participating in NaNo? Does the pressure push your limits?
I haven't participated in NaNo this year because my schedule pushes me aplenty right now. So far for November I've gotten about 15K words in and that's a complete and utter miracle!! But I know many of you are participating. 
What have I realized about fitting in writing time?
1. Daydream often - between work and family responsibilities my writing time is limited, so when I have a few minutes I'll daydream about my stories. As I'm driving from one client to the next, in carline, while cooking dinner...etc. Daydreaming gets my mind and heart ready to put words on a page when I have the opportunity. (I've also discovered the magnificence of using my iPhone to record ideas...YES)
2. TRY to etch out a consistent writing schedule. I'm not great at schedules, but I consistently write for thirty minutes a day. My average is an hour - but that doesn't always happen. I've found that I'm most successful with a consistent time.
3. (FOR ME) Write where the fire is - I get the best wordcount when I'm writing a high-motivation scene, so sometimes if I'm particularly stumped OR if I know I'm not going to get a lot of writing time in for the day, I'll jump ahead to another scene in my book and write it. The scene can be one that has high emotions, lots of dialogue, or one I've already figured out in my head. My word count is higher in less time with these, and I feel more productive.
4. BREATHE - recognize you're human and put your priorities in order. My faith and my kids are the top of my priorities list, but I also need to recognize that my creativeky/heart needs to be a priority too. Recognizing your breaking point is vital to being able to continue writing well and consistently. When you NEED a break, take a short one and then get back in the race. 
5. Chocolate - self-explanatory
What about you? What’s your writing style? What meets your writing needs? Do challenges work for you? Can you skip around in your book as the fire hits? How are your goals for Nano working out for you? Nano-brag if you want!! You can also Nano-cry too - we all get that :-)


Susan Anne Mason said...

Hi Pepper! I'm about right on target for NaNo. I started with my wip at 50,250 and needed another 50,000 or so to finish the draft. I'm at about 76,000 now.
Some days I have 0 input and then I have to make it up on the weekends. But it's working.
And yes, I have been skipping around in the story to write the vivid scenes that come to me. It may be a hot mess to fix up! LOL. But I'm writing!!
How are you doing?

Rebecca Gomez said...

I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year because I have so much going on. But I feel like I could have written this exact post! Deadlines and challenges motivate me no matter what I'm doing, and that includes writing!

I especially relate to what you said about daydreaming. When I was a bit overwhelmed last month and my writing (and mood) began to suffer, daydreaming helped me get my focus back.

Robin E. Mason said...

love this whole post but especailly #5 - "self-explanatory!"

Luiza said...

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