Saturday, September 15, 2012

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

Alley Cats 2011
It's the weekend before the conference and we are so excited to share with you a week chock full of fun posts. For those who can't go to the conference, our thoughts and prayers are with you, that God would so completely reveal His perfect plan to you.

We also plan to share PICTURES and LIVE BLOGGING for you!! So be watching for it (the posts might be a teensy bit delayed, depending on internet access and speed), but we'll be here, excited to chat with you all, possibly while eight of us are ONE side of the screen!

So what's to expect next week?

Check it out...

Conference Prep part 2. Get the appointment and "people-to-meet" list ready...and by the way, be sure and add Angie to that list. Check out the post Monday. 

Julia pulls a jewel from the archives as she gets ready for the conference on Tuesday.

Our resident Aussie Karen wows us with her beautiful prose and encouraging post on Wednesday

We do funny so awesome.
Ashley helps you know what to expect in your conference appointments. Take a couple minutes before heading into the thicket of conference to read her post on Thursday.

We're LIVE BLOGGING on Friday and Saturday!! Be patient with us, we might be a bit slow, but we'll get there! Expect much hilarity and fun. ;-D

See you in Dallas!!

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Julia M. Reffner said...

I hope to see lots of you in Dallas. Thanks for the reminder of camera batteries and charger.

Casey, are you kidding? We want repeats of the dancing experience. Must get them on video for the blog.