Friday, September 14, 2012

Headed for ACFW? Check out the Extra Curricular Activities!

If you're headed to ACFW, most likely you're excited to see friends, both old and new and check out the great classes from the fabulous teachers to be offered at our fingertips.

A couple things to remember:

Camera batteries. (I get hives thinking about forgetting my camera charger)

Are you sharing a room with a bunch of other gals? Bring an extra hair dryer, it's a necessary evil! ;-)

Computer charger, or really a charger of any kind of our electrical appliances. Also a necessary evil, you really don't want your Kindle to die in the middle of your flight with four hours still to go. ;-)

Remember, the conference is scent free...meaning no fruity lotions or high powered perfumes. Some people are sensitive or down-right allergic.

First time attendee?

NO reason to be nervous! Every single one of us conference veterans (;-) are super excited to have you join us and the big-wigs at the "top" are great about making things simple and non-confusing.

Have you seen the list of classes offered this year?

They are STELLAR!

I'm hosting Susan May Warren's Continuing Education course and I know of at least one other Alley Cat in a similar situation. While at this point, you're committed to which class you're taking by your online registration, know you can always change your mind for the best courses for your need once you get there. It's sure to be a great time of learning!

Come prepared: bring a laptop, writing implement and paper, or whatever you're the most comfortable using for note taking.


I've personally been in contact with this year's conference photographer Jodie and she's AWESOME! Prompt on answering contacts, I'm excited to get professional PR shots done this year. She's cheap too.

Free Friday Night?

Think no further than the MBT pizza party, but it's your LAST CHANCE to RSVP. I promise, this party is totally worth it. Keli Gwyn...don't you dare mention my dancing again. ;-) I promise to keep myself under control this year.

Unless...Jessica R. Patch decides she wants to flash mob the party. Then I might be persuaded to join in. ;-)

Have you checked out the ACFW conference website? It's packed with great information, including Dallas entertainment and weather reports.

Are you driving? 

If you're like Janalyn Voigt and myself, you might be taking a car to the conference. Parking is complimentary at the hotel, unless you request a valet. Hey, complimentary is ALWAYS worth it to me. ;-)

ACFW is always looking for volunteers, even last minute at the conference. I've got slots myself in the book store, dining room and registration table. It's a great way to meet awesome people and serve a fabulous organization.

Just a couple ideas for the great jam-packed four days headed our way. Any other ideas for things you've got planned?


Casey Herringshaw is a homeschool graduate and has been writing since high school. She lives in rural Eastern Oregon in a town more densely populated with cows than people.


Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

My plan is just to haunt you all after hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica R. Patch said...

Great tips, Casey! I'm still tossing that idea around, better get my crew together if it's gonna be a go! ;) You make me smile, friend! See you soon! Bring on the hugs!

Debra E. Marvin said...

no no and no.

but I'm not bitter.

I am disappointed but I'm excited for everyone who is going. I know that excitement and so I'll just plan for next year. again.

So I am depending on you ladies and my friends at Seekerville and my Inky peeps from Inkwell Inspirations to take a lot of photos and share them everywhere!

Have a super, successful, sensational time!

Casey said...

Sherrinda, HAUNT away!! Two words for you: YOU. BETTER.

Casey said...

Jessica, oh you betcha. I've got one saved just for you. And a pic with your name and face on it. ;)

Casey said...

Ah, Debra, you'll be missed! I knew in doing this post there would be those reminded again that they aren't going. I'll be praying God blesses you abundantly during this time at home.

Unknown said...

Casey, I'm looking forward to my first ACFW, and to meeting you! :) Thanks for the tips and insights here!

Unknown said...

Yay, Casey! I'm glad you mentioned the MBT pizza party. We have planned something incredibly fun. Well, I think it's fun. Let's hope everybody else does, too. Hahaha! Can't wait to see ya!

Lindsay Harrel said...

Flash mob!! I'm in!! :)

I'm looking forward to my first conference. Yahoo!

Keli Gwyn said...

I'm looking forward to seeing some Alley Cats at the conference, along with many other wonderful people. We're gonna have FUN!

I've never witnessed a flash mob in person, so go for it, Jess! Just don't ask me to sing. You'd be sorry.

I'll be eager to hear what memorable thing you do at the MBT pizza party this year, Casey. You must live up to your reputation, you know. (Notice how I didn't mention d-----g. I do know how to show some restraint. =)

Susan Anne Mason said...

Have a wonderful time, ladies! Will be thinking about you all!


Casey said...

Jeanne, excited to meet you as well! What classes have you signed up to take?

Casey said...

Melissa, the MBT Pizza Party emails reminded me of writing a post like this. Talk about divine guidance on a posting day that I sorely needed. ;)

Casey said...

Jess, we have another vic--er recruit in Lindsay! ;)

Casey said...

Keli, they'd be sorry if they asked me to sing too. We can do something else though...and I'll be hiding in the back corner in blessed anonymity.

Casey said...

Sue, we'll be thinking about YOU! It was SO MUCH FUN to meet you in person last year!