Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Your Words Right Now...

One of my favorite blogs is Novel Rocket. Dina Sleiman recently published a wonderful post entitled "How to Write the Unmarketable Novel."

I love this thought. Being so in love with our story that we will not give up on it.

If the story is from God, he doesn't allow us to let it go. Now maybe that doesn't mean that this story is for publication. What if the story of your heart is instead what God wants to use to mold You into His image?

What's the purpose for your novel right now? Not if or when it gets picked up by a publisher?

How can God use your story to show His glory right now? To your friend, your critique partner, your mate? You?

Your story has had a purpose ever since you first picked it up.

For me recently this has meant sharing my words with a critique group where the members do not share my faith. God has opened up opportunities to share in some unique ways.

What if His Word as quoted in your novel, His Word as lived out by your characters is the only written example of the Word your reader is coming across?

I want my life and my words to be an example. Let's get bold with our words.


Lisa Jordan said...

I shared author copies of my debut novel, Lakeside Reunion, with a close friend recently who is not a Christian. She praised my book, appreciating the way the faith element flowed so naturally without knocking the reader between the eyes. She said it gave her pause. I praised God for that tiny seed that had been planted. He will encourage it to bud and grow.

Julia M. Reffner said...

Oh, I love this, Lisa. Thanks for sharing. It will be so neat to see how God will use it to bear fruit.

Keli Gwyn said...

I include faith elements in my stories but do my best not to be "preachy." While I endeavor to offer readers the entertainment they seek, my hope is that my books will also serve to uplift and encourage believers and show non-believers how much richer a life lived with the Lord at the helm can be.

Casey said...

I loved what you said at the end, let's get BOLD with our words. Very true! You've taken on a lot putting your stuff out there for a secular crit group, but it sounds like it's working for you and God is using that for THEM too. :)

Mary Vee Storyteller said...

You've hit the very core for our calling to Christian writing. I appreciate that you've added the component of touching the lives of our families and crit partners. Sometimes we hear that the book we've written is just for us...and, well, that seems depressing. But, if our hard work served others, even one...then yes, it was worth it.

Pepper said...

GREAT post, Julia.
It's a perfect prologue for the post I hope to write for Monday "The Novel God Wrote" :-)

Stories inspired by the work of the Holy Spirit may need editing, tweaking, and maybe even a overhaul - but God uses those seeds of creation for a reason.
YAY! We get to be a part of it!

Julia M. Reffner said...


I'm sure you do this very well and I can't wait to read it!!


I think it is making me a bit bolder with my writing and its neat that it has brought up opportunities. I don't necessarily think its for everyone, but God certainly seems to be at work here.


So true, it can feel depressing if we think of it as only being for us...

Dina Sleiman said...

Hey, I'm famous and I didn't even know it. LOL.

I'll actually be joining you guys next week I think. Need to touch base with Sherrinda about that.

One of the highlights of my publishing experience so far was when a random lady on goodreads read it and gave it four stars. Mind you that's my lowest rating on several review sites. But...I went and looked at this woman's book shelf. Let's just say clearly she wasn't a Christian.

I was just so thrilled that somehow God led her to my book, she read it, and despite the faith elements liked it well enough to give it four stars. I was incredibly blessed by that.

Enid Wilson said...

That's a good goal, to make sure we write for a purpose. I want to make people laugh with my writing.

When the Ghost Intervenes

Beth K. Vogt said...

How can God use my story now?
If I believe my characters need to be moving one step closer to God in their lives ... am I doing that? If I believe my characters need God's truth to heal the lies they've embraced ... am I doing that?
Is what I'm writing about in the fictional world true in my "real" life?

Joanne Sher said...

Oh, Julia - LOVE this. Writing for a purpose (and not necessarily the one WE want) - God's purpose.