Thursday, August 5, 2010

Whatya Celebratin'?

So, I was going to have a different post for today, but decided that since we are PARTYING all week long, I didn't want to be Miss Jane Rain Cloud and instead wanted to ask YOU what you have done recently to celebrate your writing life.

Do you celebrate the little things in your writing life?

When you hit the word count goal?

When you've had a bad writing day, but still wrote 100 words?

When you got the story outlined?

Your character's named?

Registered for a conference?

Do you take the little accomplishments and remind yourself that the one little thing you did can be magnified into something truly huge?

How long does it take to eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

I think we can all too often forget that the smallest steps lead to the biggest leaps and instead of being down on ourselves because we didn't reach our goal for the day, how about celebrating that at least you wrote something?

The great wall of China wasn't built in a day.

And neither is your novel.

Take those small moments and remind yourself just why you enjoy writing. If you are stressed and worried about hitting your word count every. single. day, then you are going to miss the fun in writing. And why write unless you are going to enjoy it?

I don't see the point otherwise.

Feel good about yourself at the end of the day and celebrate the small moments of accomplishment in every day.

So what I want to know, what did you do today to move your story one step farther down the road? You didn't have to even have written! Did you jot a note down about your characters? Think of your story? Write a 100 words? Do tell, so we can celebrate with you!!!!!!

It is PARTY week on the The Writer's Alley!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

Take a slice of CELEBRATION cake while you are at it too!!!


Krista Phillips said...

Um, can I just say, that cake looks AMAZING! YUM!

Writing wins... um... that is hard for me. I guess I've been thinking about starting back on my WIP... I guess I can celebrate that as I've taken the last few months off! ha!

Casey said...

Absolutely Krista! Getting back to writing should be HUGE! So glad you can jump in once in a while again. :)