Monday, February 24, 2020

The Making of A Heroine: A Purrfect Romance Week

Last week, we spoke about My Kinda Heroes according to my own Rom Com DVD collection. I listed several heroes, but one hero that many of YOU mentioned as a favorite was Jack Callahan from While You Were Sleeping.

As I thought about the topic of heroines this Purrfect Romance week, I considered why Lucy Moderatz (Sandra Bullock) made a good heroine. If you recall, she truly saved Jack's brother from a train--becoming a bonafide heroine by that very act, but so much more goes into a heroine than that, right?

No matter if you are watching a movie, reading a book, or considering the women in your life who seem to fit the bill of a "heroine", there are a number of qualities that make a gal a heroine--in her own right--with the hero opposite her, not defining her, but worthy of completing the journey alongside her in the end: a rich back story, authenticity, and redemption are a few fleshed out so purrfectly in While You Were on, then share your own!

Back Story-Lucy lived alone, ate alone (well, she had a cat), worked on holidays that most people spent with family, and had a dad-shaped hole in her heart. She managed, but we know as the viewer that it wasn't an ideal situation for her. She was enduring, not necessarily thriving in, the loneliness of an orphaned girl in a bustling world. We root for heroines who stumble upon their chance to change the trajectory of their journey from glum day-to-day to life-giving adventure. A girl stuck in a tower has a chance to get out? A servant escapes her step-mother's clutches and visits the palace? Heroines who take the chance on something different win our hearts and the hearts of those they meet along the way.

Authenticity-Lucy Moderatz wore her dad's old coat, held no airs about her as she pretended to be the girlfriend of Jack's snobbish brother (who was in a coma for most of the movie). Lucy tried to hold a mask up, but she just couldn't manage to hide her true, down-to-earth self. When a hero falls for the authentic heroine, we know that her worth is valued above her status, above her actions, above her flaws. We see a heroine being loved for her whole self, and that makes a purrfect romance.

Redemption- When I was first writing, I would write heroines with a hardened heart, thick skin, sour responses--manifestations of wounds-for sure-but not very likeable, and certainly not heroine material for the beginning of a story. These manifestations are redeemable, but the audience needs to realize the wound quickly if they must invest in the heroine. Heroines may behave badly, but only if we understand why, and find hope that ill behavior hints to forthcoming redemption. Lucy lies to Jack's family very close to the beginning of the story. But, we see her reasoning, her need, her chance to redeem the lie and the wounds of her past. We are sold on the fact that Lucy is the heroine, not just of the love story, but of her own story.

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Caitlyn Santi said...

I love Lucy, she's probably my favorite Sandra Bullock character!
One of my recent favorite heroines is Arabelle Denler from On Wings of Devotion by Roseanna M. White. I love her kindness and how when it comes to her faith she doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk, and puts others first even when it comes to sacrificing her own dreams to do so! She's a very realistic, relatable, and inspiring heroine, and I want to be more like her!

Angie Dicken said...

She sounds like a great heroine! Thanks for sharing!!

Caryl Kane said...

My favorite heroines have a bit of sass and are compassionate.

Trisha said...

My favorite heroines have big hearts. They are often dealing with their own problems, but still pull others under their wings.