Tuesday, July 9, 2019

#TipfulTuesday The Heart or Business of Writing

Several of us gathered on the Alley and had a chat about the heart or business of writing. Oddly, I happened to listen to a conference recording about the same basic topic this week. Many great points were raised that I thought might interest you.

No matter the writer, there seems to be a crossroad that causes us to wonder. We have a story that is very dear to us. The story is pitched to editors and/or agents. We might receive no response or a rejection. Naturally, whether we admit it or not, we feel wounded. This story came from our heart and could help so many readers.

The editors/agents see our story and seem to know within seconds that this particular story would not fit the current need. Perhaps they signed a similar novel an hour before. Perhaps the quota for year had been met. There are many reasons that we don't always know.

From the business side, writers can attend conferences to learn what publishers need or are looking for. Writers could write stories for these needs and have a better chance to get published. But it isn’t the heart story.

The conclusion in this discussion so far has been: write the story on your heart, AND write stories to establish/grow a writing business, AND do both.

We are writers. We can choose to delve into that heart story OR write stories as a business. We could alternate. I know a few writers who do precisely this. There is no shame in either because God gave you the gift of writing.

So, feel the freedom to follow your calling.

write. Write. WRite. WRIte. WRITe. WRITE.

What are your thoughts? We’d love to have you join us in this discussion.

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~Mary Vee
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Jackie Layton said...

Mary, I love your post today. What a great encouragement to all of us. I agree writing is a calling, and we can't quit writing unless God changes our call.