Tuesday, July 24, 2018

#TipfulTuesday: What Writers Really Need

I love writing. I don't like ... (here is where you fill in something like marketing, crafting a synopsis, query, proposal, etc.)
Like so many areas in life, there are components that we have to push ourselves through in order to move forward. 
Writing is more of a journey than an arrival. The destination is not:

Finishing a manuscript (although that is something  
definitely worth celebrating), 
Signing with an agent, 
Getting a book contract, 
Finding our story on a bookshelf in a store, 
Witnessing someone reading the book, especially if we 
don't know the person, 
Reading positive reviews

All of these are magnificent. But they are not the destination.
God has called you to share unique stories, told only in the way you know how, to readers who have a need. The need could be entertainment, enjoyment, uplifting, or a thousand other things. There isn't an arrival place. This is an on-going assignment.
So, if you have received criticism, a rejection, feel unworthy to continue, or struggle in any other writing way, raise your hand. I'm raising mine, too.
My last proposal was rejected recently. Sigh. Thanks, I hear your sigh in return.  I had a pity party for a time. Walked away from writing for...one day. That's all the longer I could do it! I simply love telling stories too much to stop. 
What I really needed more than anything was Grace. God's grace to continue what He had called me to do. He never promised an easy road. And this road, by the way, is one that continues long into the sunset. 
I asked for God's grace to continue perfecting my proposal. He gave me the enthusiasm to learn from the criticism in the rejection. He gave me eyes to see this person wanted to teach, not hurt. I have spent the entire day rewriting the proposal and am pleased to say I am not done. Quality work worthy of submission takes time, thinking, editing, rewriting, letting those words rest, then editing again. THEN SUBMIT.
I know I won't arrive, in terms of finding the end of the writing journey road. I guess I really don't want to. And so comes the dreaded question: Do I love writing enough to learn how to write stellar proposals? Sigh...I guess. Only with God's Grace to help me Continue.
~Mary Vee
Photo Credit: Mary Vee

Mary Vee -  Mary Vee - Rock climbing, white-water rafting, and hiking top Mary’s list of ways to enjoy a day. She was homeless for a time, earned her MA in Counseling, and married an Air Force vet.  Mary has been a finalist in several writing contests and writes for her King.

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Terrie Todd said...

Thanks for the excellent reminder, Mary. With three books published, I was expecting my fourth to sail through the acceptance process and on to readers' hands! But my publisher discontinued its fiction line and while my agent pitches to new publishers...and nobody's jumping on it...I wait...and write some more...and wait. "It's not supposed to be this difficult!" I told the Lord.
His reply was gentle but clear: "Says who?"

Mary Vee Storyteller said...

This is true, Terrie.

I found comfort when hearing Ted Dekker's story on the same subject. He said he got to work writing another book. Then another. And another.
While that may not sound comforting, look at his current place in the publishing world. Yep. The answer is to keep writing. :)