Thursday, June 28, 2018

Do You Hear Wedding Bells?

We have some exciting news in The Writer's Alley!

Our very own Casey married her Prince Charming this week.

Pepper, Ashley, and Krista got to witness the nuptials firsthand! They provided live-action video and pictures for the rest of us who were swooning at home.

We will not apologize for how excited we are or how very little chill we have. We have loved watching Casey's love story unfold, this picture of God's goodness and faithfulness to two amazing people! Stories like theirs are BETTER than fiction. 

We love you, Casey and Nathan!


Caryl Kane said...

Congratulations, Casey and Nathan! May the Lord richly bless you!

Unknown said...

Casey and Nathan's story is better than a fairy tale! :) The wedding was beautiful, and it was so fun to see Pepper, Krista, and Ahsley!