Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Tale of Two Options #TipfulTuesday

A tale of two options. #TipfulTuesday

After writing half of my goal words today, I hit the blank screen. It happens. We've all heard fabulous ways to tackle this problem. Like a diet, any of the ideas CAN work, but for some crazy reason, not all do for you or me. Right? We have to find the one that is best for us. 

Oddly enough I found an idea to share in two Easter photos I took.

Hubby and I went to Israel last year. We learned there are two places celebrated as the site for the tomb where Jesus was buried and rose. 

One is a beautiful spacious garden where individuals can walk through winding paths, smell fragrant flowers and end their journey at the tomb. There are three gathering places, spaced from each other, designed for groups to assemble, sing (ooo the international praises still play in my memory), share, and have communion. The photo is on the left.

The other is a beautiful, ornate structure built inside a large church called the Holy Sepulcher. Swarms of people press together in a spaced roped off, funneling visitors into a single line through this celebrated space where the tomb is said to be. Tall columns, Majestic. Scarlet. Ten individuals are permitted at a time into this silent area, where no photos are permitted, and allowed to ponder with absolutely no speaking for about two minutes before ushered out.

There are many benefits to both places. The intent for both is to remember and focus on the great gift Christ gave.

Two vastly different places. One purpose.

Back to the ideas for writing and blank screen problem. There are times when I need to walk in the field out back and chew through what my characters are doing. I take my phone and turn on the audio recorder, dictating my thoughts for when I get back to my writing desk.

On the other hand, there are times when I need to drive to a coffee shop, spread my laptop and coffee on a table, and let the pieces of conversation, the piped-in music, and the activity in the room help me create story.

So, when you are stuck, find your idea maker location, and go there. By the way, where is your idea maker location?

~Mary Vee
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Robin E. Mason said...

hullo Mary - lovely post!! sometimes i get some nuggets before i've finished my first cuppa in the morning! but my "go to" is outdoors - whether i'm sitting on the porch or i'm able to go for a walk, my mind is still and whether a story bit comes to me or not, i'm refreshed for writing when i hunker back down!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Yeah. Me too, Robin. Something about the fresh air, eh?