Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Recipe for a Fun Booksigning for Authors and Readers


  • 1 Tray of Goodies for sustenance and luring in potential readers
  • 2 Pens or Sharpies
  • 1 Blank List for newsletter signups 
  • 1 Smile for interacting with customers as they walk by your table
  • 1 Sensational New Outfit -- you have our permission ;)
  • 1 Thank you note per store manager who coordinated said event
  • Bookmarks and Promotional Materials

Directions (for Authors)

  • Before the event, invite all of your local friends and family members.
  • Make sure that retailer's online store is on your website (if they have one).
  • Post the event on your website, social media, and any local publications that have sections for local events. 
  • If (hopefully) the manager has positioned you close to the entrance, people will be curious who you are. Be sure to engage and be friendly with customers you may not know!
  • Combine the ingredients above and ENJOY!
  • If possible, see if you can sign any remaining stock for the shelf.

Directions (for Readers)

  • Share the event on social media and invite any local friends who may be interested in a signed book.
  • Buy a copy or two at the event to give away if you already own one -- or just show up to give the author your love and support.
  • As always, it's incredibly helpful to leave a book review on any online retailers.
  • Know how grateful and full we are because of YOU! 

1 comment:

kaybee said...

Laurie, these are good points. I confess to being intimidated by the whole marketing process. For me it may be as steep a learning curve as the writing, but so worth it. One of my crit partners had a book signing about a month ago and did most of this. I learned so much from her! This is where a street team can help out. She had a great street team and all she had to do was greet people and sign books. She also did a couple of things I made notes on:
1. Her signing wasn't in a bookstore, it was in a coffee shop on a side street, so she put balloons outside.
2. She had copies of the book GIFT-WRAPPED if someone wanted to give it to someone else.
These are good tips, thanks Laurie.
Kathy Bailey