Friday, March 31, 2017

It's Friday!

It's that time for weekend. A time to catch up on whatevers. It is also a time to be lost in thought, laugh, maybe even kick back and read a book or watch a program.

The weekend is usually the time when I notice weird things, like quotes. Quotes can be found literally anywhere. Some aren't worthy of our eyes. Some are intriguing, they stir us to deeper thinking or take us to a happy place.

I recently saw/heard these quotes in my world. They all touched a chord for me:


"Progress always involves risks. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first." Frederick B. Wilcox

"If there's any one enemy to creativity, it's self-consciousness." Andre Dubus III

"Your work cannot be good all the time, but it must be good when it's time." Celine Dion

"Get close to the audience." Celine Dion

"The ones who change the world are the ones who can't wait to get out in it." United Airlines

"The way you collaborate with people can make all the difference in the world." Adam Lavine

On a show, a coach said after two competing individuals left the mentor room: "It seems they had digressed." Seeing the before and after, the two competitors clearly had not risen to the tutelage they received from the coach. I hope no one ever feels led to say that about me.

I was immediately stirred to a thought after hearing that coach's words and applied it to my own life. In our stories, we have a great opportunity to create quotables. These short phrases and sentences are what draw readers to our work.

Now for Alley Cat news. The Alley Cats have burst onto the bookshelves both digitally and paperback with new works. Stories that touch the heart.

Here is the Alley's latest release. Pepper Basham's April 6 novel: Just the Way You Are:

And recent published books by other Alley Cats:

 Click here for When Fall Fades

Click here for From Winter's Ashes

by Amy Leigh Simpson


Click here for My Heart Belongs in Castle Gate

Click here for The Outlaw's Second Chance

by Angie Dicken


Click here for Shadowed by Grace

Click here for Beyond Justice

by Cara Putman

Click here for Sandwich With a Side of Romance

Click here for A Sandwich Romance Novella Collection

by Krista Phillips


  Click here for With No Reservations
  by Laurie Tomlinson

 Click here for Andiamo! Let's Go to Italy
 by Mary Vee

We Alley Cats long to walk with you on your writing journey. Scroll down to past posts for some tips and craft information.

Hey, let's chat. I have two questions for you today:

1. What is the last book you downloaded, bought, was given. OR What book are you currently reading. OR What book do you so wish you could get your hands on a copy?

2. Share a favorite quote. Stir our hearts. It can be from any source (well, there are a few sources we probably shouldn't quote.)

Have a relaxing, profitable, laughable weekend.


Robin E. Mason said...

"If there's any one enemy to creativity, it's self-consciousness." Andre Dubus III

no wonder my creativity was so... locked up for so long!! not no more ya'll!! self-conscious what???

what a great group of creatives ya'll are!!! how many total books between ya???

Mary Vee Writer said...

In truth, Robin, I've lost count. Isn't that wonderful? There was a time when none of us had a published book then poof...and the dust still hasn't settled. I hope it never does!!