Friday, March 3, 2017

How to Survive the Contest Season/Writing Deadlines Casey Style

**I hereby apologize to everyone having to read this blog today. Blame it on it’s-two-weeks-from-the-end-of-the-Carol-Awards-and-Casey-is-sleep-deprived, ok? If you do, you’ll be my new best friend.**

In case you’re new around here, or just didn’t realize, I’m the ACFW Carol Awards coordinator.

The job is not as glamorous as the title may appear.

It really just involves a lot of begging. And sleep deprivation. And books.






Which is part of the reason I like the job. Because who can have too many books?

Well, this girl actually, during the Carol Awards contest season. ;-)

So what does the Carol Award Coordinator do when she’s the one in charge of the weekly Friday post and forgot until it was too late to interview someone, but remembered in enough time to not be a total slacker?

She comes up with a great and oh-so-witty end of the week post filled with 5 tips for how to keep going during the haze of surviving the end of a contest.

And if you’re not the one in a million people coordinating a contest, I have a feeling these tips are still good for your deadline haze. Because really, what ill is there that can’t be solved with peanut M&M’s?

1: Buy stock in Peanut M&M’s. Keep a bag at your desk. Close at hand for when you need to make a quick last minute grab. Stash them throughout your house so you never have to go far to get a bit of an energy and chocolate jolt. Because, people, chocolate never lies. And it truly, truly makes all things better.

2: Don’t underestimate the power of a good snarky comment. Because, really, who can blame you when you’ve been awake all hours pounding out email after email after email after email after email after email after email after email after email after email after email…

3: Invest in a good therapist. Because truly, the couch time will be the only time you’ll be laying down and away from the computer screen. This might even be the only opportunity you have to close your eyes, because really, who wants to stare at a watch on a chain dangling in front of your face??

4: Set aside all unrealistic expectations you may have for a clean house and empty sink free of dishes. Because really people, dust bunnies canNOT judge you. Your mother in law might, but the bunnies won’t. They would actually like to continue procreating, so why stop their progress? You have my permission.

5: In the midst of the stress, don’t forget to set it all aside. Take a deep breath, close down the laptop and spend some time with a good book. Good family. And your good, good Father. Oh, and how about a little bit of laughter? Because, well, it just wouldn’t do to cry off all your makeup (if you wear makeup).

So there you have it. Casey’s Top 5 Must Do tips for surviving life as a contest coordinator in the final throes of being on deadline. Which also translate well to be on an actual writing deadline.

So share something happy with me! What is one good thing that happened this week for you?? Share in the comments below!



Mary Vee Writer said...

And a sense of humor..which you clearly have. :)

Casey said...

LOL, Mary! I have to have a sense of humor in this life. Otherwise I'd be crying. And water proof mascara is just a pain when it starts to come off. :)

Beth K. Vogt said...

These tips? They're applicable to any stressful season in your life. But I might substitute jelly beans for those Peanut M&Ms. To each their own, right? :O)

Pepper said...

I set aside #4 all the time ;-) For any reason. Just sayin'

Casey Herringshaw said...

Beth, I love your Jelly Belly jar! <3 Yes, we all need our vice. :)

Casey Herringshaw said...

Pepper, ME TOO. I hate dusting. And right now, I really, really need to do it. But I'm on a deadline, so I think I'll just stock up on peanut M&M's instead. ;)

Ian A said...

As Mary added, a sense of humour, which you have, dear Casey.

And my sweet treat of choice are what are called Marella Jubes - chewy sweet, not soft, but firm.

And be assured I'd be delighted to help read some of those books and ebooks are fine for me. Any genre is good for me too.