Friday, December 23, 2016

A Little Bit of Alley Cat Fun + A Christmas Giveaway!

It's Christmas on The Writer's Alley!!
First: the business...

Did you catch Laurie's post about Creative Nonfiction? You really should. Go read it here. 

Cara Putman's Christmas novella collection with Tricia Goyer and Sarah Sundin: Where Treetops Glisten is currently $1.99! Grab it while you can (but be sure to double check the price before buying. Though I promise it's worth it!)

And NOW, for the fun!

It’s no small secret that Pepper Basham and I (Casey) are dear friends with a sisterhood that I just wouldn’t want to live without. You also probably know (or maybe not) that Pepper was one of our founding members of the Writer’s Alley. Don’t tell her this, but we all kind of look up to her as our “blog mom” here amongst the Alley Cats. Our fearless leader! When it came time for our Friday fun post, we decided, what could be more fun than a quirky interview brought to you by us truly?? So, here’s a peak into what our conversations look like through IM and text. ;-) Oh! And read to the end and answer the secret question hidden in the MIDDLE of this interview, in the comments and you’ll be entered to win one of Pepper’s books—of your choice!

Casey: What was the last question you asked Siri?

Pepper: HAHA! You do realize I call my "Siri" Mr. Knightley, right? AND he has a male British accent.  (Casey interjecting: oops, sorry Mr. Knightly. I hope I didn’t offend)

Along those lines, I think I asked him to send a text for me and then I 'thanked' him (to which my son, who was listening, said "Mom, you're polite to your phone." My answer, "That's why he doesn't mess up on me very much."

Pepper: So my dear sweet sis, we've known each other a long time - I think we met in person in 2011 at ACFW, but there's one question I've never asked you. Do you talk to imaginary friends or do you reserve those unique conversations for Siri? :-)

Casey: I actually do not! I will sit and think about my imaginary friends. And I’m sure that they sit and think about me, but I actually do not hold conversations with them. I’m a boring writer, I know. But if I ever need a partner in crime to help me argue them into submission, I’ll ask you first, Pep!

Casey: What is your must-have holiday treat?

Pepper: I don't have a specific Christmas treat I eat. We make Preacher Cookies more often during Christmas and OF COURSE I'll make The Dark Knight Chocolate Torte - because I have extra time to cook during this time of year. What about you, Casey? What's your holiday must-have?

Casey: Toffee. Loads and loads of toffee. I am making four batches this year and only have barely ruined one—but it was saved by the grace of God. Literally. (I don’t kid about the grace of God.) But I have to give ALL THE TOFFEE away, because if I keep even a piece of it I can’t stay out. It’s my crack. My kryptonite. My…well…you get the point.

Super secret question: what is your favorite holiday treat must have? Answer in the comments below!

Casey: What is your favorite holiday memory?

Pepper:  I LOVE LOVE having the memory of Christmas as my Granny's house. It was complete CHAOS! Wonderful chaos, but about forty people crammed into her little house with presents, paper, and people flying everywhere. Lots of fun and joy!

Pepper: Case, so you're living in Colorado now. What new traditions have you created in your
new place?

Casey: This is probably going to sound either incredibly boring to the non book lover OR like a book lover’s paradise, but I like to take the weekend and binge read one book from beginning to end. Usually it’s a book that I’ve been dying to actually sit down and read and for one reason or another (usually not very good reasons) I’ve been putting it off. It’s a great time. ;-)

Casey:  What inspired you to start the Alley?

Pepper: I wanted fellowship, I think that was the catalyst for The Writers Alley. I'd been hanging out at Seekerville with those AMAZING ladies for about a year or two and wondered if anyone would be interested in starting a blog for newbies. I found Sherrinda Ketchersid on Seekerville and we starting brainstorming ideas for TWA. I can't remember if you were in on the conversations about what we wanted TWA to BE before we decided on an Alley - but goodness, there were all sorts of concoctions. A cruise ship, a shop...I can't even remember what else.

Pepper: What do you remember about our first meeting, Casey? I think I immediately knew you needed to be my little sister forever!

Casey: I remember exactly where we met! It was on your blog! I was becoming a regular commenter, especially because you always hosted all of these amazing authors with these amazing excerpts that made me want to check out their amazing books. Which I did! And now I have amazing author friends all thanks to YOU! But that wasn’t the real question. I know I got to know you by reading and having conversations with you over Wordpress blog comments that eventually bloomed into emails. I will always remember how STUNNED I was to be invited into the TWA conversations when the blog started and I couldn’t believe it. Still can’t some days. ;-)

Casey:  Tell me about your latest book!

Pepper: Latest or upcoming?  (Casey interjecting: YES!)

The Thorn Healer, the third book in my Penned in Time series, was released on December 6! It's a
little different than its predecessors because it takes place in this small town in NC about 45 minutes from where I currently live. There's a fantastic history to the town of Hot Springs and I was thrilled to be able to unearth the stories and bring them to life.

My FAVORITE story ever is coming out in April 2017 - a true Britallachian Romantic Comedy fit for the likes of Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock, or Meg Ryan :-) CANNOT WAIT!! (Casey interjecting again: YES! YES! YES!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK! Ya’ll, it deserves all caps. And all the exclamation points we aren’t allowed to use in our novels, but REALLY want to!!!!)

Pepper: Super serious question, Case...what is YOUR Christmas wish?

Casey: Hmm. Such a serious question to end our fun filled time! I think I’ll bring some serious levity to the situation and say I’m really looking forward to introverting and resting. After the crazy season it’s been, the holidays bring with it a very welcome break. J

So, our dear friends and readers, I hope you’ve enjoyed our fun interview as much as we have! What is your Christmas wish this season? We are SO thankful for each of you and OUR Christmas wish this season is for you to know how much we value each and every one of you.

Did you find the super secret question hidden in the interview? Find it! Answer it! Be entered to win a copy of one of Pepper’s books! Your choice! (and yes, I know I’m overdoing the exclamation points. Who cares?!)

Fine print: US winners can pick their choice of print or ebook. If you’re an international winner, I’ll be happy to send you an ebook. But please note: sometimes ebooks don’t always play nice with overseas ereaders. This is a situation I cannot control.


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Anonymous said...

Aww this was such fun! Two of my favorites.
Merry, merry Christmas!

Pepper Basham said...

I am not the mother!!! LOL!!
And, oh goodness, I'm definitely no leader!

But I do love these wonderful ladies with a fantastically enormous love!!

Pepper Basham said...

By the way, Case, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics you chose for this post!!!

Bookworm Mama said...

Love this you guys!!!! I LOVE New Zealand Holly Cookies! I haven't made them in a couple years though :( Cinnamon Rolls are THE must have on Christmas morning though. We wake up at 5 or 6 to start making them.

Jeanne Takenaka said...

Oh my goodness! What a crazy-fun, laugh out loud interview/blogpost! LOVED this glimpse into the two of you. :)

My favorite Christmas treat is peppermint bark. I add a few drops of peppermint oil to it to give it some extra flavor. SO yummy. :)

My Christmas wish is for moments of quiet. With my husband having been gone for work for the first three weeks of December, I'm ready for some quiet, memory-making time with my three guys (and my in-laws).

I'm wishing each of you Alley Cats a very merry Christmas!

Pepper Basham said...

Rachel, I've never had those types of cookies. Gonna have to look them up!
AND I LOVE LOVE cinnamon rolls for Christmas. YUM!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Pepper Basham said...

You are so sweet! I hope your Christmas wish comes true!

Merry Christmas!!

Susan Anne Mason said...

Great interview! Such fun! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Years!!
My favorite Christmas treat is shortbread cookies!! Love them!
PS Don't enter me in the draw. I'm ordering myself a paperback copy of The Thornhealer right after Christmas!

Ian A said...

What fun, Casey and Momma Pepper! Ha. Excited about the new novel, Pepper … what actor will play the male lead? An Aussie hunk like one of the Hemsworth's or the one that masquerades as Wolverine from time to time?

A few years ago a lady who works with my wife made us a rocky road Christmas Tree … and I loved it so much I've been raving about it ever since (I love a good rocky road) And guess what? We received another one this year? Yay for me. Fiona doesn't have any so I get to have it all. And it's yummo!

Wishing all the Alley chicks a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones and may 2017 be a super year for you all.

Grace and peace,

Casey said...

Merry Christmas, sweet Meghan! Thank you for coming by!!

Casey said...

Oh, Pepper, you are definitely our mother hen and we wouldn't want it any other way and we love it for you!!

These are some of my favorite pictures!!

Casey said...

Hmmm, Rachel I LOVE cinnamon rolls and making them is super fun! Thank you for coming by!

Casey said...

Jeanne, I hope you get plenty of time to rest and rejuvenate! It's much needed! :)

Casey said...

Susan, oooo! Want to send me some of that shortbread? ;)

Casey said...

Ian, oh I vote a Hemsworth brother all the way. ;)

I'd love to see a picture of said rocky road tree! Merry Christmas to you and yours, friend!

Mary Vee Storyteller said...

Nothing sweeter than sisterhood. Blessings by the pound even from afar.

So my holiday treat must have is family, kitchen aromas, laughter, oos and aaaaas when presents are opened and Christmas music. But absolute number 1 is having the freedom to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

Caryl Kane said...

Awwww, you are ALL awesome! I'm so grateful to the Lord for the precious friends He has placed in my life.

My must have holiday treat is FUDGE!

HAPPY HANUKKAH AND MERRY CHRISTMAS! Blessings to you and your families!