Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday FIVE with Teresa Tysinger!!!

Woot!!! Friday has come!!! With bronchitis and ear infections for my clan, I'm SO looking forward to the rest of a weekend and some latte!!!

How about you? Any weekend plans? What are your writing goals for the weekend? I just finished some edits this afternoon. And hoping to dig into Jodi Picoult's latest novel.

Thrilled to have Teresa Tysinger on the blog! She is a woman who wears many hats: contemporary Christian romance writer, graphic designer, and communications specialist...and more! She loves the Blue Ridge mountains (now that I live down south I TOTALLY get it! They are SO breathtaking) and happy endings! 

1) Is there a song that you just love right now, Teresa?

I recently saw Johnnyswim, my favorite band, in concert. I have totally fallen in love with "Georgica Pond," the title track on their newest album. Their songs are hauntingly beautiful and inspiring and leave you feeling affected -- much like a good book. This particular one stays on repeat. 

(LOVE this one. Here's a link: Johnnyswim's "Georgica Pond") 

2) Do you have a best marketing tip for writers?

I thought about this answer a lot. As a director of communications and marketing for a church, I'm tempted to throw out a lot of tips about consistent branding, frequency and variety of posts, and so on. But when it comes down to it, especially with Christian readers and authors where there is a real sense of community, I think my best marketing tip would be to be real. Make it easy for your readers to relate to you. It's OK to post about your tough day, funny things your kids said, how you burned dinner while chasing the dog around the house with muddy feet, and even how you're finding writing hard at the moment. Us humans have a core need for connection. Don't be afraid to offer that to your readers. They'll stick around as your friends long after your books are done.

(I SO appreciate this great advice! I do love authors that share real parts of their lives with the social media world)

3) Favorite fall food?

Oh my gosh, there are so many. But, I have to say my mom's pumpkin pie that we usually only have at Thanksgiving. Funny story about that pie. When I got married, I asked my mom if I could finally have the recipe for her famous pumpkin pie. She giggled, leaned in, and whispered, "It's on the back of the can of Libby's Pureed Pumpkin. Don't tell anyone!" We're still laughing nearly 15 years later.

(This one reminds me of my husband, because when we got married he told me I had to ask for his dad's pork chop recipe. It was a pork chop, with a can of mushroom soup, cooked in the crockpot. I don't let him live that one down. But seriously, Libby's is some good stuff!)

5) Do you have a favorite writing ritual?

As a mom with a full-time job outside of the home and a husband who works mostly nights and weekends, I take my writing time whenever I can get it. That means there's not much room for ritual. However, whenever I sit down I start by rereading what I wrote in the last sitting. Helps me refocus.I also have to have background is my preference, but I often go to coffee shops so the chitter chatter is nice, too.

(I'm impressed by all that you do! I like writing in coffeeshops too but settle for sleeping children.)

6) Can you share your newsletter with us?

Happy to! So far, my monthly newsletter has provided tid-bits about me, writing updates, book reviews, links to new releases, etc. Starting November 1, however, I am thrilled that the newsletter will also launch the first short story in a series of short stories exclusive to subscribers. Readers are offered a warm welcome into the cozy campus of Blue Ridge University with monthly short stories set at the fictional school in the mountains of North Carolina. These short, inspirational stories about the professors, faculty, students, and townspeople will leave you rooting for true love and sighing with satisfaction. This month's debut short story is "After All These Years." You'll meet Maggie -- an author distracted by a crush years in the making. Everyone is invited to subscribe for free at

(Readers be sure to stop by and check it out! It sounds wonderful! The NC mountains are so beautiful!)

 Find Teresa on:
Pinterest - @TeresaTysinger
Twitter - @TMTysinger
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Teresa Tysinger said...

Thanks for hosting me today, Julia! This was so much fun.

Julia M. Reffner said...

Thanks so much, Teresa! Can't wait to check out your story!

Laurie Tomlinson said...

Thanks for joining us today, Teresa. I loved this interview and all that you're doing <3

kaybee said...

Teresa, I agree with taking writing time when we can get it, it's better than nothing. My schedule varies from week to week. I also agree with you about being real. Writer's Alley and Seekerville have helped me immensely with seeing both the joys and frustrations of published writers. They're just like me, only published.
Kathy Bailey

Robin E. Mason said...

Teresa, thank you so much for #2!!! so much pressure to do this and do that, when what we really need , as you say, is connection and community.

Teresa Tysinger said...

Kathy - Thanks so much for reading and for your comment. Varying schedules make consistent writing so hard. Keep it up!

Teresa Tysinger said...

Robin -- Thanks for reading! I'm thankful for the connection with you here. :)