Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Good Father

It's Good Friday today. A day that essentially commemorates the most significant sacrifice and the greatest act of love ever displayed. But in the commercial chaos of dyed eggs and chocolate bunnies it can often be too easy to overlook the reason we celebrate Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. In fact, so often it just becomes an excuse to buy a cute pastel-colored outfit and then get guilted into attending church before you have a big binge-fest barbecue on a day you hope starts to feel like Springtime so the kidlets can wear themselves out hunting for eggs before they get all hopped on the sugary treats inside.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love to celebrate and get together with family, but is that all it has become? Have we stopped seeing Good Friday for what it is meant to represent and instead use it as a day to start scrambling to get our casseroles prepared and our outfits all coordinated for the family picture Easter Sunday? Do your kids even know what it's all really about?

My boys' Easter gift :)
I'm guilty. Sometimes I want to make each holiday so special for my kiddos that the meaning gets somewhat overshadowed by the circus of festivities. The candy, the gifts, the games.

So this year I'm prepared. I'll buy store bought goods instead of home-baked creations if I have to. But today and tomorrow and Sunday we will be bringing the story of Jesus's sacrifice and his triumph over death to life in this house. We're going to tone down the baskets and get excited about a new book instead. And get to talking about the Father's love and the power of the cross. After all, I am a storyteller by trade... and I can't think of a more exciting tale to tell!

Good Good Friday and a happy Happy Easter, from Amy and the Alley Cats!

Good Good Father: Click for a listen! (One of Eisley and my favorite worship songs!)


Casey said...

I cannot get enough of this song! I turn it up LOUD every time I hear it. It's such a good reminder of the Father that we have--always!

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

I'm the same way!!! :)

Debbie Stehlick said...

I loved this post. I want the true Easter story to be told. I cannot think of a better message of Love and grace than the cross!