Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Writers Alley Weekend Round-Up

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Thanksgiving is this week and there is so much to be thankful for. We at The Writer's Alley pray that your holiday will be a blessed one, full of love, joy, and thanksgiving to the One who gives His love so freely. May you be blessed by the Maker of heaven and earth and live in the light of His love.

The Weekly Line Up

Monday - You won't want to miss Pepper's post entitled Detours, Surprises, and Keeping in Step With the Dance. She has some BIG news to share!

Tuesday - Laurie's post is timely with the holiday season upon us. She will be sharing When Your To-Do List Feels Like A Never-Ending Chase.

Wednesday - Mary's post today is entitled Requirements for the Writer's Skill Toolbox. I'm sure I'm missing tools. I wonder which ones?

Thursday - On this day of Thanksgiving, Krista has broken out and written a poem just for you. I can't wait to read it. I'm sure it will be super.

Friday -  Casey has Brandy Vallance lined up to share about The Writing Road.

The Alley News Round Up

Alley Cat Krista Phillips was interviewed this past week and there is a chance to win her book. Check out her interviews at:


Also at The Alley, Amy Simpson has chosen a winner for Friday's post with Amy Matayo. The winner of Amy Matayo's book, SWAY, is.....


Congratulations, Jessica. Amy Simpson will contact you with details.

The Awesome Link Round Up

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One Word to Transform Your Writing (The Write Practice)

The Audacity To Be A Writer (Positive Writer)

Foolproof Strategies For Staying Creative During A Writing Slump (Writer unBoxed)

Have You Made This Huge Mistake Online? (Write to Done)

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