Saturday, September 28, 2013

What's Up the Street Next Week?

Fall is here!
And as usual, I am compelled to post pictures from the beautiful Appalachian mountains of home. The way God paints these mountains during the Autumn is truly a spectacle of beauty. A quilt of color.
What's something you enjoy about Autumn?
The cooler temps?
The scent of apples and pumpkins?
The crunch of leaves under your feet?

As you ponder these thoughts, here's what's coming up next week.

Monday - Pepper starts a series on Writing Compelling Characters using tips from Michael Hague, James Scott Bell, and a little original thoughts sprinkled in for good measure.

Tuesday - Sherrinda has something inspiring and encouraging to share with us today.

Wednesday - Mary brings some more insights from James Scott Bell with "Always Include the Unexpected"

Thursday - Stop by and get a laugh from Krista today as she talks about "How to write a novel while standing on your head backwards, chewing gum, and texting at the same time." Perhaps she'll provide a photo demonstration :-)

Friday - Get into writing rhythm with Casey as she talks about Sentence Rhythm in your writing.

Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend and join us next week for more great tips and encouragement....
From our Alley to Yours


Joanne Sher said...

WILL.NOT.MISS.THURSDAY! Hehe. Actually, they all sound good, as usual.

I love most everything about fall, especially since I was in my late twenties before I experienced a real one. Love the Colors, hot apple cider, cuddling up, jumping in piles of leaves. And what I forgot. :)

Unknown said...

Your pictures, Pepper, took my breath away. Just beautiful! I'm looking forward to this week's posts!

My favorite thing about autumn? All of it! I love, LOVE seeing the leaves change color, the scent of apples, cinnamon and spice, sweater weather, hearing leaves as they race down the street on the breeze.....I love it all. Have a great weekend!

Krista Phillips said...

Oh yes. Picture will be included on Thursday's post. Just you wait and see!!!