Saturday, June 29, 2013

What's Up the Street Next Week?

July is just a handful of days away! Of course, I love this month for a varity of reasons. It's the height of summer and the weather where I live has finally decided to turn nice. Plus it's my birthday month. ;-)

But more than all else, it means a whole new month of new releases! Check out what's hitting bookstore shelves this coming month today throughout the weekend edition! Get the whole scoop at the ACFW Fiction Finder.

What's coming up next week?? *besides all the great new releases!*

Angie will be discussing the author's voice as comparable to Michaelangelo carving bodies from stone.

Tuesday will bring guest poster Jim Bessey to the Alley talking about freelancing in writing and what that means to make money.

Karen is currently traveling across Europe (yeah, I know, you can join the jealous group too. ;-) but will be taking time to post on the Traveling Writer on Wednesday.

Ashley is your lovely hostess on Thursday.

And Amy is fresh out of ICRS and the Christy awards, so expect something packed with wisdom learned from rubbing elbows with Karen Kingsbury (she has a picture to prove it!) Check out her post on Friday.


Jeanne Takenaka said...

Yay Casey, nice weekend edition! Happy birthday a little early! What is your birthdate?

Enjoy your cooler weather. We "only" hit 81 today, so it feels refreshing compared to the mid-90's we've had, with no air conditioning in our home. :)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Can't wait. They all sound exciting!