Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day.

Yeah, those of us from the U.S. probably have a quizzical expression right now :-)
That's okay. We don't celebrate it in the U.S., but for those of you who are from beautiful, exotic places Cananda? or our very own Aussie, Karen, or any Brits, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated in a lot of countries around the world. The ones I've already mentioned, along with others like Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Traditionally it was thought to be the day when, after Christmas, people bestowed 'blessings' or donations to others who were in need. OR a day when superiors shared 'goodwill' with their subordinates.

So - clerics would gather donations in boxes to give to the poor. Lords of the land would bestow gifts to their servants or tenants. Employers would share bonuses with their employees.

Sounds like a GREAT day to me :-)
Nowadays, although the employer/employee bonus idea might still stand, it is also very similiar to the U.S.'s Black Friday. Shopping DAY!
(the comic to the right looks a WHOLE lot like people in the U.S. on Black Friday)

It also has a lot of signficance in the sports world for being a BIG day for cricket and yahting in Australia and rugby in the U.K.

In South Africa it is known as Day of Goodwill (LOVE that name)

In Ireland it is called St. Stephen's Day

In the Netherlands it is celebrated as The Second Day of Christmas

A wonderful lady I used to know in England shared how special this day was as a time to give to those in need.  Share with the poor.  Show generosity.

(speaking of , she is a FABULOUS artist and author. You should totally check out her website,

Because Christmas shouldn't end on the 25th of December, you know? It should be a spirit of giving in our hearts year-round.

So today - as we glean from the gifts and blessings of yesterday and the celebration of Jesus' birth, I'd like you to share your blessings with us!

What is something you received (tangible or not) that you are thankful to have? Words of wisdom? Advice? A Bible verse?

Feel free to share with us...and others today, because the gift of giving should be in the hearts of Christians EVERY day :-)



Unknown said...

well actually here in New Zealand it isn't like the what do you call it? Black friday. there is no boxing in fact some people open there presents on Boxing day but most people go on picnics (it's summer here) it's kinda like a second Christmas day just (depending on who you are) there are no presents. We do have massive sales and there is quese but no boxing. In a nut shell a pre New years day.

Tamara said...

This is an awesome idea. I'd actually never heard of it before, but I love it.

I received some really nice things for the holidays, but the best part was just getting to enjoy everyone being happy and together!

Karen @ a house full of sunshine said...

Happy Boxing Day from the Writers Alley, Tiffany and Tamara. :)