Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas --- Phillips' Style

You can't have a Phillips' Christmas, at least in THIS house... without something going wrong at least at some point.

This blog post, written at 7:30 pm on the day that it was supposed to be posted (vs early in the morning as it SHOULD have done) is one.

Oh, did I mention we've had someoen sick in my house at some point for the last two weeks? Including my sweet Gabby who was up all night with the stomach flu?

Oh, 'tis the season!

But if there is one thing I've learned in the last few years is this...

The joy of Christmas can't be measured by "what" happens.

It can't even be measured by being "home" as I found out two years ago when we spent Christmas in a hospital room with our daughter, who'd been there for five months.

Or last year, when I had these grand hopes of a fabulous "first" Christmas home for Annabelle, only to be caught up in edits due on my first novel and having to scrape for every once of time to do anything Christmas-y.

We all give Christmas these great definitions... it's about family, it's about joy, it's about cheer, it's about giving.

We have decorations, lights, yummy cookies, and fun songs to sing.

But while those are all grand things... I'm here to tell you.

God has reminded me over and over again that Christmas is about JESUS!!!

That's really what I wanted to share today, although I didn't plan for it to be quite this short.

And since it IS short... I'll give you fun pictures from our past two Christmas's!



FYI: that chub? yeah, it was fluid retention from heart failure. Not cute baby fat:-)


MUCH happier this Christmas!

Mom and Dad were super happy too!

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Project Journal said...

All the girls are absolutely gorgeous, Krista :) Thank you so much for sharing the pictures! You're completely right about the *true* meaning of Christmas. No worries about when the post got up, it was special all the same!

I'm hoping for a special Christmas again this year for your whole family :)
Much love,