Saturday, August 18, 2012

What's up the Street Next Week?

It's Costume Drama Weekend!
Or some people refer to them as Period Dramas.

Oh yes!
Bring your best British, American, Canadian, or Austrailian Accent (Karen is our model for that last one) and don your corset (or not...)

We're going to feature a few top pics in the Costume Drama realm, but feel free to add your own.

Of COURSE we have any of Jane Austen's lovely pieces, or Charlotte Bronte.
What about L.M. Montgomery? or Elizabeth Gaskell?

How about movies like Horatio Hornblower? or Daniel Doranda or Amazing Grace?

Titanic? The Young Victoria? Tess of the D'Urbervilles or Ever After? Becoming Jane? Miss Potter? The Count of Monte Cristo?

The list goes on and WONDERFULLY on :-)

What are some of your favorites?

Speaking of Drama? :-) What do we have coming up for you this week at The Alley?

Ang welcomes debut novels Jolene Green on Monday.

On Tuesday, Julia talks about Farming Ideas for your Next Novel

Ash is up today with her typical fun post.

Thursday Karen brings us The Power of Fresh and Original Descriptions.

Cindy talk about Writing For God vs. Writing for the Market (ooooh, sounds like a lot of drama in this one :-)

Winner of Mary Vee's book give away Rooms by Jim Rubart is: Lindsay Harrel. Lindsay please leave your email in the comment section and Mary will contact you.

So - a little Period Drama Trivia (and I'll TTRYYYYY to make it easy)

She hates her red hair and freckles - and would prefer a 'roseleaf complexion". Who is she?

She's rather plain, but goes for guys who have their crazy wives hiding in the attic. Who is she?

Getting out of prison after about 10 years, he has a score to settle with his former best friend while trying not to be swayed by his former fiance (who is named after a really expensive car). Who is he?

Which movie ends with the BEST Costume Drama kiss of all time? My pick is the one where he's from up north and she's from down south.

Speaking of about a little matchmaking? She thinks she's pretty great at it, until her matchmaking schemes end up causing her to almost lose the love of her life (who happens to be her best friend). Who is she?

Have a great weekend.


Unknown said...

B, is thing-a-ma-jig the 'main' in Count of Monte Christo.
C -Emma all over.
Exciting period drama! How did you know I freak out about this stuff?! [in a good way]
Looking forward to this week!

Amanda said...

Anne of Green Gables.
Jane Eyre.
The Count of Monte Cristo.
And the best costume drama kiss – North and South. :)

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

NORTH AND SOUTH!!!!!! It's my favorite!!! Pride and Prejudice used to be, but after falling in love with Mr. Thorton, it's North and South all the way. :)

Casey said...

Definitely Anne of Green Gables!
And isn't the last one Emma? I saw that one after a friend gave my mom the discs. :)

And don't forget Downton Abbey! You have watched that one, haven't you? So good!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Somewhere in Time.
Got a penny?

Pepper said...

Oh that's right, Mary!
How could I forget about Somewhere in Time.
I cry so badly on that one.

I also forgot Gone With the Wind. Julie Lessman would kill me!

Pepper said...

WTG, Amanda!
I see you're a Period Drama fan too :-)

Lindsay Harrel said...

Yay! Excited to win. :)

Lindsay dot Harrel at gmail dot com

And Amanda already guessed them all, but I would have had them right too, by the looks of things!

Happy Sunday!

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