Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finding your sweet spot

The only poetry book I ever liked....
I am so very much not a poet
but every once in a while
I attempt to get my rhyme on
And hope it gets not a frown, but a smile.

You see here is the thing
About what we try to write
Sometimes it works well for us
but not if you choose the wrong type

For some, they write quite lyrical
and others, they wax poetic
Still another group might make you laugh
And others make you cry with their pose so dramatic

You have your western writers
Who lasso cows with ease
or your suspense authors
Who cause their characters lives to cease

If you choose the wrong one
let's say you attempt to write humor
but your funny bone is somewhere in Alaska
Your funny book might as well be a tumor.

This poem is a super good example,
for I am an author who deplores trying to rhyme
So I think I'll stick to my funny romance,
Otherwise, I won't earn even a dime.


In non-poetic words... we each have a voice. Be true to it.

The first ever book I started was a serious dramatic novel where one guy dies, the heroine attempts suicide, and later in the book has her child kidnapped and is beaten almost to death by her boyfriend.


I never got past chapter three.

While I like to weave a bit of drama and suspense into my books for pizazz, I'm not a suspense writer. I NEED to make people smile. I'd rather not make readers cry, unless it's tears of joy. 

My drama was bad. Like, melodramatic, horse-manure bad.

My funny is... well, it's getting published next month. So hopefully it doesn't stink like it belongs in a barn anyway:-)

And my poetry... well, you can tell how that turned out above.

DISCUSSION: Have you ever switched genres? Do you think your voice lends you more toward one type of prose than another? Is there one type of writing that you could NEVER do professionally because it just isn't who you are?

Extra brownie points today if you can make your comment a POEM!

IN FACT! How about this: I'll do my OWN first book giveaway of Sandwich, with a Side of Romance today for all those who attempt! It'll be signed by me and everything! (Won't be shipped until I actually GET my copies... but it'll be yours!)


Debra E. Marvin said...

I prefer a dark and twisty prose
that keeps the reader on her toes
so switching to humor from gothic
proved to be quite 'carthotic'

your offer today is too good to miss
for I've heard this book to read is bliss
as for poetry, alas, there is none finer
than the witty style of Shel Silverstein, ah, er.

Seems the only two styles I can write
bring a giggle or much better, a fright.

Krista Phillips said...

Debra, VERY nice! I could probably give people a fright in my writing, to be honest, and be quite decent at it. However, I'm a big scaredycat and would end up giving MYSELF a fright too... so I stick with humor!

Debra E. Marvin said...

I hope you have much success with it. The title is so adorable!

Valerie said...

I'm no writer, as you well know,
but to write humor? For me, a total no-go.

My funny bone's broken; I can't make people laugh.
So for me to write humor, that would be a huge gaffe!

My creative side is a stick in the mud.
So if I tried to write humor, I'd flop with a thud.

I have no talent for this writing biz,
unlike my friend Krista, who's a funny-stuff whiz!

In Sandwich, With a Side of Romance, Reuben's the feller.
I know my K.P. will be a New York Times Bestseller!

So, please, read the book!
Get to know Maddie!
I've read only the first chapter.
(Which is driving me batty!!

To the point of this comment, I need to return.
If I tried to write humor, well, I'd crash and burn.

---> I love you, my friend! :D

Krista Phillips said...

Valerie... *I* thought your poem was funny, so maybe you write funny better than you think!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Krista, how fun. :) And how exciting that your book releases next month! I am looking forward to reading it.

Here's my weak attempt at a limerick:

My voice I’m still discoverin’
As my style keeps recoverin’.
It fits with women’s fiction
Where passion can meet friction
But sci-fi I’ll never be loverin’

Have a great day!

Mocha with Linda said...

I've always loved to write in rhyme!
Tradition, for me, at Christmastime
Is to write the family newsletter that way--
Did it once for fun; now it's here to stay!

As for writing a novel in prose with plot,
Takes more imagination than what I've got!
E'en as a child, doll tea parties I'd shirk:
To talk for me and my doll was just too much work!

My passion? To read and review, promoting authors--what fun
To follow my faves, then find a new talented one!
So hoping that Krista to me "Sandwich" will send
Can't wait to read this fun book and meet a new friend!

Gloria Clover said...

Wow. You guys are good at this poetry stuff for just off the cuff.

I'll attempt a little free verse.

Romance is my genre,
shifting from now to then,
contemporary to futuristic.
My voice, however, remains my own,
Until the time God takes me home.

Or gives me laryngitis.

Sorry for causing pain. Look forward to reading your book, Krista.

Krista Phillips said...

Jeanne, LOVE IT!!! I'm not really sci-fi-ing it too, but to each his own! LOL!

Krista Phillips said...

Linda, very nice! And how cool that you use poetry at Christmas time!! What a fabulous tradition!

And we need readers/reviewers too, you have a voice of your own!!! :-)

Krista Phillips said...


laryngitis... HA! I LOVE IT!!

Marybeth Maxwell said...

Ok, while I do aspire to one day put the pen to, the ribbon to paper...Actually the printer to paper, rhyming poetry has never been my forte'. Yes, most times I can write a mean limerick! So here goes.

There once was a fine Christian writer,
Who has proven she is quite a fighter.
She'll give me a book
If you'll all take a look
So when you like what you read then just WRITE HER!!!

Hokey, I know, but I try. ;)

Krista Phillips said...

Marybeth, very nice!

(FYI though... winners will be drawn ramdomly from the poets today... so while the sweet words are puffing my head up today, who gets the book is purely by chance! LOL!)

Janice said...

From Rhyme to Nonsense

Once upon a time
A lady wrote in rhyme
But then she changed her tune
And some said it wasn't soon

Now she writes
In the rough draft form
And if that's not enough
She'll write more
Until her finger bones are sore
And her body is stiff.

Because...because she thinks
What if...what if I change a word
Here, no there,
Forget it---change them everywhere.

It is scary being a writer
To get what's inside her
To be on paper outside her.
Easier to drink a cup of cider!

Take a break and read
Of Miss Tuffet who sat on a Muffet
With a spider beside her
Frightening as words
Found to be in the wrong place
At the wrong time.

The cider has gone to my head.
Better the cider than the spider.
And it's fresh cider, not fermented
Giving pure nonsense, undemented.

Is there an editor in the house?
Going once, going twice
All for a bowl of beans and rice.
Writing nonsense is fun, not nice.

Don't ask me what that is because I can't say, but it was fun!

It would be better than this writing to win your book!

Blessings, Janice

Debra E. Marvin said...

these comments and rhymes have been a delight! What a great idea, Krista.

Janice, that was a hoot. And now I want some cider.

Unknown said...

I write dramaticly, I like my readers to cry[for the characters], I don't kill my characters though.I don't think I've ever not written dramaticly, I can't seem to help it.When I write I want to touch people, forever and for good.I love allegories

Anonymous said...

High seas drama
Bodice-ripper glory
Pirates and hellions
Oh, what a story!

Lords and Ladies
In their velvets and satins
Brawny Highlanders
In their breeks and Tartans.

Ship deck or abbey
Castle or keep
Historical fiction
Won't let me sleep.

I tell you this
For that's what I READ
But the words from my pen
Are from a very different seed.

I wish I could scribble
Tales of medieval plunder
Of wild adventures
And hearts torn asunder.

Humor and sass
My heroines are spunky
And long for salvation.

They ache for a love
That will capture their souls
While being independent
And consumed by their goals.

My heroes are manly
And oh, how they struggle
To find dragons to fight
In a world full of muggles (Tx J.K.R.)

Men who are champions
Deep down inside
Longing for release
From their fear and pride.

Modern day fairy-tales
That's what I write.
Contemporary romance...
With spiritual bite.


Krista Phillips said...

Janice... TOO FUNNY! Miss tuffet sat on her muffit... yeah, that made me crack up!

Krista Phillips said...

Tiffany, how wonderful that you've found your sweet spot in dramatic fiction!

Krista Phillips said...

Becky, that was an amazing poem! Love me some modern-day fairytales too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is a short one:

Sandwich, with a Side of Romance
Had me at my first glance

Can't wait to get the book
So I can have more than that first look!

Chapter one has long been done
So need the book to continue the fun!!

Stephanie Taylor

Krista Phillips said...

Entries are now closed! Winner will be announced on the weekend edition next Saturday!