Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

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It's the dog days of summer! But boy am I enjoying this warm weather.

What's your preferred way to pass the hot days? Cold lemonade and a good book? Or air conditioning and a round of edits? 

Right now I'd really go for that book and cold drink, but should probably (not probably, I know I need to. ;-) take that editing. 

Share your summer plans in the comments!

Hope you find a few minutes to squeeze in a bit of the Alley in this coming week...

Pepper is your Alley hostess on Monday. Sure to be witty and filled with wisdom, start your week out right! ;-)

Sherrinda is talking about Characters as Truth Tellers. Looking at A Bride Opens Shop... by Keli Gwyn and how it spoke truth into her life

Why writers should read: this week with Mary featuring a Karen Kingsbury title. Join the challenge on Wednesday!

What to expect when you're expecting a (book) delivery with Krista on Thursday!

Genesis Finalist, Amy Matayo is the guest blogger on Friday! Don't miss out on a post sure to have you rolling in laughter...and learning another aspect of this writing craft. 

Have a great summer weekend, all! We'll see you right back here on Monday. :-)


Unknown said...

Fun weekend edition, Casey. :)

For summer, we don't have air conditioning, but I'd sure take that with edits if I had it. :)

We took our road trip vacay earlier this month and had a great time. Now, I'm gearing up for (gulp) school things for my kiddos. With a uniform sale next weekend, innumerable pencils and crayons to label with my kids' names, the works. Oh, and reading with Mary. Loving that!

Have a great weekend!

Joanne Sher said...

Looks like a GREAT week, Casey! Can't wait :).

I'm learning and researching and editing this summer. Not much writing planned - all that other stuff needs to come first, I do believe.

BUT next week is going to be EVER so lovely, as both my kids will be at sleepover camp from Monday through Saturday. I LOVE my kids, but we ALL need a break from one another. Like, yesterday.

We're also going to Cincinatti for a few days later in August (never been). Should be fun!

Julia M. Reffner said...


I love reading with Mary, too. :) Will be interested to see what you're reading.


Enjoy the staycation. My kids went to VBS for the mornings several weeks ago and it was refreshing to have "quiet" quiet times.