Saturday, July 14, 2012

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

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It's a beach retreat on the sand this week at the Alley. Grab a floppy hat, stick your toes in the sand and enjoy a few writing tips from our side of the street to yours.

Write what you know...and what you don't. Join Pepper first thing Monday morning. 

Are you writing a YA? So is Sherrinda. Find out what she's learned and is learning about this genre on Tuesday. 

How long should your chapters be and how can you learn from the novels you read? Mary has tips on Wednesday.

Thursday welcomes the super-awesome and debut author Keli Gwyn back the Alley. 

Friday Casey has five tips for making your synopsis tighter and stronger. 

Credit: Free Digital Photos

Sidewalk Talk

The winner of After All by Deborah Raney from Casey's post last week is...Rosie!

Excited to celebrate with Alley friend Melissa Tagg who signed late last week with agent Amanda Luedeke of MacGregory literary!

Pepper has an article in the Christian Fiction Online Magazine this month. Take a few minutes to be encouraged on your writing journey!

Sherrinda will be reviewing Keli Gwyn's debut novel on her blog on Wednesday with a giveaway!

"Answering the Call" it's the new series coming to Words Seasoned with Salt with stories from published authors on how they got their "call".

Casey's birthday party and launch celebration is TODAY. Like right now. You can find all the details by clicking on the image directly below. See you there!


Joanne Sher said...

Sounds like a FABULOUS week - can't wait! And congrats to Melissa :)

Unknown said...

Hey! Thanks for the fun!

Happy birthday a day early, Casey! Hope your blog party is a blast...I'm heading over right now... :)

Pepper said...

Congrats, Melissa. AWESOME news!!!

Lindsay Harrel said...

Yay for Melissa! So excited!!