Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's Up The Street For Next Week?

This coming week on the Alley, we are on the hunt.

Whether journeying with Miss Rosemary Allspice on her search for the perfect agent or finding what happened to the "fun" in fiction, this week is sure to dig up and reveal clues to the mystery we all long to solve...

Writing. Good. Fiction.

 You never know what you will find on the Alley. Like the stew as a metaphor for letting our WIPs simmer or an adventure to Paris to people watch and to get creative ideas for that "stew"- you are sure to be surprised, encouraged on the journey and maybe...entertained?

I think Miss Allspice had something like that in mind...

But no matter what, you are sure to find some nugget of a clue to inspire your latest WIP.

So shall we get to it? I have been given miniscule clues into the posts of next week...they expect me to write something clever now...sheesh.

Miss Rosemary Allspice is visiting the blog today with (or so I have heard) expert tips on searching for the "right" agent to fit you.

THIS JUST IN: Do you critique, want to critique or just want to learn how to be gracious critiquee?? Sherrinda holds the clues to this mysterious puzzle.

Dear Author is the topic of Mary's post and there are "readers" coming to share their letters of love.

Grab your magnifying glasses! Because the "fun" in fiction has disappeared! Casey is determined to find it! Be sure and visit her blog Wednesday for a pre-post.

Krista does some super-sleuthing to shed some light on the mystery of how to write and publish a novel.

News Stand~ ~ ~

And the winner of the 2 Heartsong books is...Ariel!!

Leave a comment for a chance to win 2 more Heartsong books!

Every good P.I. needs a handbook for success...check out this one by Susan May Warren.

Sarah is moving! (as in her web presense) You can now find her blogging via her website. Every Monday she shares her thoughts, be sure and check out her new "digs!"

ACFW has a new look to their website. Cruise around it if you haven't already.

Looking for more inspiration and handy chats every week on different topics for your WIP? Look no farther than Susan May Warren's My Book Therapy. Free to join!

Anita Higman (Love Finds You and Heartsong author) is the featured guest on OEA next week!

See you all on Monday! We are looking forward to it. :-)

What was your word count this week? Do feel free to share! Any amount is a victory!


MaureenT said...

Love the name Rosemary Allspice! Maybe one of her companions could be Mr Thyme Curry? Guess there are countless possibilities. Really cute!

lgm52 said...

Good informative blog! Hope to win some free books..reading is my passion!

Pepper said...

Oh Maureen,
How did you know about Mr. Curry? I've tried to keep our little spicy indiscretion under wraps. Did another agency send you?

Casey, luv - I've a spot of tea brewing and am bursting with information to share with your lovely readers. So much juicy tidbits that I might need to take another day to complete all the savory details.
Would that suit you, lovely girl? And your Alley cats?

Pepper said...

Perhaps in two Mondays? What would that be, duck? The 31st?

Excitement is seasoning the air, and once I started perusing the information, I had no idea of the clues I'd find.

The entire writing world is peppered with clues about choosing the Right agent.

Sarah Forgrave said...

LOL,, Rosemary. Can't wait for all the sleuthing this week!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Letters have been pouring in to Writers Alley Headquarters from readers across the country. When we opened the mail (good grief-snail mail?) we discovered they were addressed to authors/writers who read our blog! Check in Wednesday. They have requests--for you.

Casey said...

Miss Rosemary Allspice, you have arrived early! My goodness, yes do put on the tea and if should decide to grace us with your presence, I see no harm in that...or objection from the other "Cats". :)

OKAY, who messed with my post??? I had to LOL when I got to Krista's day because I though "wow- I really liked what I said there"

Then I realized. I DIDN'T WRITE THAT!

Now I want to know...who did??


Casey said...

Really Mary?? Sounds exciting!!

Pepper said...

Oh Mary dear,
Isn't it lovely that people still use the more antiquated form of communication. I suppose I am old-fashioned in that way, but it gives a certain element of satisfaction and sentimentality when one receives a card in the post.
Brilliant, really.
I should go and write my mum.

Pepper said...

Sarah, darling -
It is Rosemary - though if you are going to misspeak, you chose a perfectly acceptable spice to substitute. How horrid to be called something like Cumin or Garlic?!?

Mary Vee Writer said...

Truly, Rosemary, there is nothing more thrilling than to receive a letter in the post, perhaps scented with spices. I draw the envelope close to inhale the mystery trapped inside before peeling the content from it's confines.

karenk said...

Looking forward to reading your postings next week :)

Krista Phillips said...

Okay, so I snuck in and updated mine since I've actually *gasp* figured out what I'm going to say and *even more of a gasp* have already written it.

I know, I know. Don't everyone faint of shock already.

Looks like a fun, mysterious week full of clue finding and mayhem. (Love me some mayhem in the alley... I think... now that I say that, it sounds kinda scary. I need some chocolate...)

MaureenT said...

Rosemary...wondering if your affiliated with Sinnamon Basil? There was also a Miss Dilly Sassafras inquiring about you!

Leanne said...

These comments have me laughing.

I'd love to win Heartsong books!

Pepper said...

Ms. Sassafras and I are no longer on speaking terms. She's a little tart, if you ask me.

But Ms. Basil is lovely, quite a sweet lady. Whatever she says about me is most likely true - and she is keen on baking, shouuld you every host, luv. No one makes biscuits or buns quite like Ms. Basil.

Mary - Your words were seasoned with fresh imagery. I'm simply smothering in their scent.
Thank you, luv.

Tis a bit early for tea, but I do have a French Apple pie fresh from the oven.

Pepper said...

I am new to this happy blog, but have enjoyed my welcome. Please do join us tomorrow for my post. I am perfectly calm today, but come tomorrow morning I shall be in a flap. It shall take two cups of tea to calm my nerves, no doubt, especially if Maureen keeps bringing up the unsavory names from my past.

But what P.I. doesn't have her own set of secrets, I suppose. It does spice one's life up a bit.

Jackie S. said...

Would love to win the to read!!
Very interesting blog~~~~

Casey said...

LOL Krista, you are forgiven. ;)

Wendy said...

Please enter me in this wonderful giveaway.
Thank you for the chance.

apple blossom said...

looks like a fun week ahead. thanks

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Charity U said...

Would love to win!


Linda Kish said...

I would love to read these books.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book, would love to all it to my "to read" pile.

true_sheila at yahoo dot com

Tressa said...

I love anything Sherlockian (should be a word). Thanks for the giveaway (Carman sent me over).
tressa dot sherman at hotmail dot com