Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's Up the Street for This Week?

The party is STILL going on from Friday’s big celebration here at The Writers Alley. I tell ya what – the entire street is a mess of balloons, food wrappers, root BEARS ;-) – had to throw that in there, Casey- just for you!!

But - on that note - we'll just let bears be the theme for today, because we all have had at least one burden to bear this week, one struggle, one trial, and it's nice to know we're not alone. Thankfully for us, we have a Savior who is willing to bear our burdens and who calls us to cast our cares on Him because he cares for us.
'We're called to bear one anothers' burdens.' We're never alone.

Now - back to the crazy partying and the mess:

I’m calling up the cleaning crew so we can get ready for another big party. Who knows what we’ll have to celebrate next. Life is full of surprises! Just check out the picture of the 'bare bear'. What is that about?

In the aftermath of the parties, knitting, and comfy flannel, what’s happening at the Writers Alley this coming week?

MondayOne-Pagers? Are you serious? – Pepper defines those little promotional tools to get your story ‘out there’ with the fewest amount of words possible. How do you write one? What needs to be included? And who in their right mind invented them? – No one has taken credit for them, btw.

Tuesday – Stop by and check out what Sherrinda has to say for us today. It's a surprise, but as usual, it will be worth your time.

Wednesday – Make sure you have the proper attire for the write occasion with Mary's notes Dressy Shirt Manuscripts. You don't want to make the the wrong impression with your writing.

Thursday – Casey chats about Networking- It's All About Who You Know. Stop by to get a few tips about how to build your network before your published.

Friday – Need a little help accepting contest results? Come join Krista today as she writes about Digesting Contest and Critique Feedback. In this line of work, we all need help with that thick-skinned requirement.

Saturday – Our Guest Next Door is Cathy Bryant, who will fill us in on all the ups and downs of self-publishing.


May 29th – It’s a visit from award winning author, Deb Raney. That’s right. Make sure you stop by and see what words of wisdom she’ll impart.
June 5th – Heartsong and Abingdon Press Author, as well as Seeker-extraordinairre, Myra Johnson visits us at The Writers Alley to discuss the difference between a short novel and trade paperback.

June 12th – Edgy fiction author, Michelle Sutton, stops in to define ‘edgy’ and explain why she loves writing it.

June 19th – Things get a little suspenseful around here as Margaret Daley discusses the key elements of a gripping suspense novel.

June 26th – Welcome author Lena Nelson Dooley takes us on a journey through her publishing experience, up to her newest release JUST LAST MONTH – Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico


Casey has Mary "Sharp Shootin" Connealy on her Operation Encourage an Author all this week. Stop by and share some words of support for this fantastic author and person at

Check out some cool book giveaways this week on Casey's blog at or on Pepper's blog at

The Blue Ridge Mountains Writers Conference in Black Mountain, NC is going on this week starting today. Pepper will drop in to give some reports along the way – maybe pictures too. Keynote speaker is Jerry Jenkins! Other presenters include - Deb Raney, DiAnn Mills, Alton Gansky, Steven James, Yvonne Lehman, Ron Benrey, Janet Benrey, and Les Stobbe.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great week coming up and a great conference. Have fun.

rbooth43 said...

Looking forward to report from Blue Ridge Mountains Writers Conference in Black Mountain, NC. Wish I could be there, but not possible.
Can't wait for the week coming up. Let's Party!

Casey said...

Sounds like a great week as always. So excited for you Pepper, I want lots of pictures!! Now I just have to whip my post into shape. Ack!

Pepper said...

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures, but I'd rather take YOU guys instead. Oh what fun!!

Tina - so great to see you here!

Keli Gwyn said...

Lots of fun posts and guests to look forward to. The Writers Alley has become one of my favorite stops when I pay a visit to the blogosphere.

Pepper said...

You're one of our favorite people!! So it's a nice match :-)

Sidney W. Frost said...

I love this blog. Even the weekly announcements are full of information and fun to read.

Mary Vee Storyteller said...

Frolicking in the Writer's Alley will be such fun this week.
Great posts coming up.
I can "bearly" wait to see you all here.
Thanks for the preview, Pepper. Great job!